Worthful Tropical Hunting V1.0

Worthful Tropical Hunting V1.0

New prices for exotic animals of Guarma. Now it is worth to travel to Guarma for hunting.

Exotic animals are always high praized. Collectors spend a lot of money for accessories made from green iguana skin with macaw and booby feathers.
Trappers are willing to pay decent money for such exotic materials. Do you want to make some real money with hunting? Go to Guarma!


Go to – lml/ red_dead_offline/ catalog – then just replace “catalog_sp” file with mine. Always make a backup file.

Some details:

This mod is “catalog_sp” file with new prices for exotic Guarma animals merged with Red Dead Offline and WhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition, so you need Red Dead Offline or WhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition.

To travel to Guarma you can use “Ferry Restored” mod – https://www.nexusmods.com/reddeadredemption2/mods/3412 or get there using a trainer. Yeah a ticket to Guarma in “Ferry Restored” mod is 100$ but believe me, some macaw and booby feathers, couple of green iguana skins and you will fully pay off!

Don’t forget to install “Disable Out Of Bounds Snipers” mod. I mean, you are a hunter here.

You can sell your prey to the trapper or any butcher.


Macaw perfect quality – 30$
Macaw high quality – 27$
Macaw poor quality – 25$
Macaw feather – 22$

Booby perfect quality – 26$
Booby high quality – 23$
Booby poor quality – 18$
Booby feather – 20$

Green Iguana perfect quality – 12$
Green Iguana high quality – 10$
Green Iguana poor quality – 6$
Green Iguana skin – 8$

Boa perfect quality – 22$
Boa high quality – 16$
Boa poor quality – 12$

Take your varmint or bow and arrows, buy comfortable clothes for the jungle and hunt exotic animals!

Ferry Restored
WhyEm’s DLC
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Red Dead Offline



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