LAW V1.0.1


Extensive changes of law behaviour
Motivation behind the mod was in bringing more common sence to the original crime system and to give more time for a proper burial of a stranger in the wild.

Firstly, no this mod doesn’t fix disguised character being identified by lawmen. Unfortunately.

Though this mod does change the following:


• Law dispatch timing does really depend on a distance from town now. Because the map divided into zones – rural (~500m,), local (~1km), wilderness (untill the map ends). So no more instant lawmen in the middle of nowhere. Unless you’re “lucky” enough to stumble on a random patrol group. The chance of it spawning though is 15%.

• Beware both local and wilderness dispatch groups are now searching for you with dogs.

• Dispatch group itself depend on a type of a crime a witness reported. Low severity crimes won’t bring law’s attention in the wild. Though there’re regions in the game now that won’t get law’s attention even if it’s a medium severity crime. I wont spoil what exact regions are those but it’s kinda easy to guess: the most distant and/or most dangerous in the game’s lore.

• Bounty level for a number of crimes you’ve committed will also impact on the amount of lawmen coming to hunt you down.

• If you nailed down the dispatch group in the local/wilderness areas – dispatch will end, untill the next witness. Rural lawmen will have reinforcements if you’ll decide to gun them down.

• Bounty Hunter groups are also changed. At a certain point you’ll meet Marshals and Pinkertons.

• All regions have been treated, except: Guarma, Aquasdulces, Elnido, Manicato, Sisika, Wapiti, Occupied Caravan Camp. Those will be added in the next update.


• Each town got it’s own treatment. Remember how Marshals just spawned outside of Valentine’s saloon? Now they’ll get into small towns on a wagon. Pinkertons, dogs, US army, gatling wagons.

Gatling wagon can be seen in Valentine and Saint Denis rural areas and was made to be used with SergeantJoe’s mod: 6th Star specifically – GatlingWagons.asi file that you’ll find inside his mod’s folder).


• Every crime is there, nothing has been disabled. It’s just some of them now work a little different.

• Now you won’t be sentenced for Assault, Lasso Assault, Unarmed Assault, Disturbance if those were motivated by Self Defence reasons.

• Unarmed Assault can be triggered if you started it, though you have time to change your mind. If you ended up knocking out a ped, law will make you a suggestion to leave. If you are a serial killer “boxer” they’ll hunt you. Since the game can’t differ man and woman ped I had to make this compromise.

• Hassling isn’t a crime untill the god law notice. It’s a kinda compromise too since R* binded a couple of different crimes into one here.

• Intimidation can now be witnessed not only by law.

• Trainrobbery is now –

• Robbery.. well, the guy is scripted, hard.

• Law now reacts to Explosion, Arson crimes more adequately in towns. In wilderness witness must see you to take action. Respect nature.

• No one will snitch on your gun practicing in the wild now. Just respect you know.. private property.

• Remember those lawless regions I told you? Well, they say they even kidnap lawmen on breakfast there..

• Most of the crimes now actually oblige witness to see you, or whatever you’re doing there to report on you.


• Added changed time of day and weather condition dependencies on ped perceptions, added changed gang type combat skills and weapon accuracy.
Changed some ridiculous law reactions on a petty crimes. Changed some prices for crimes. Nothing major just how I see it.


Drop the “LAW” folder into your lml folder.



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