Retina – Photorealistic Eyes Overhaul V1.2.1

Retina - Photorealistic Eyes Overhaul V1.1.1

Realistic eye colors
New lighting and reflections
High-quality hand-made textures
Resolution options for optimal performance in the files section

No more gray pupils, watery eyes, or weird iris shapes!

This mod changes the appearance of eyes in Starfield with realistic and gorgeous retextures and accurate reflections.
Your character, NPC’s, and population will get RETINA’s photorealistic eyes.

This mod won’t affect achievements or save files.
It is safe to install/uninstall during a playthrough.

Thank you for the endorsements and feel free to add your own screenshots!


Because Vortex Mod Manager isn’t quite ready for Starfield;

You should install this mod manually, see the INSTALLATION part below.
Some more color alternatives will be available in the future through a FOMOD installer. This decision is to keep the installation process as simple as possible.


The UHD version is 2K (2048×2048).

This version has the highest quality (Four times higher than vanilla Starfield). This is for 8K displays or close-up screenshots in a 4K display.

The default version is 1K (same as vanilla res, 1024×1024).

This version is the perfect spot between quality and performance and is compatible with almost all setups. Should work well with up to 4K displays.

The performance version is 0,5K (512×512).

This version might even improve performance while going pretty well with 1080p displays. It also should go along nicely with performance texture packs.

Retina - Photorealistic Eyes Overhaul V1.1.1


This mod replaces all 12 default eye color options in Starfield.
The colors are made as realistic as possible without deviating too much from the original Starfield colors.
I tried to make sure they were realistic without giving people (NPC’s for instance) different eye colors.

Retina - Photorealistic Eyes Overhaul V1.1.1


I recommend installing this mod manually until mod managers work on Starfield correctly.

Manual Installation:

Download the mod. (Should be a 7z archive.)
Extract the DATA folder from the mod archive to Documents > My Games > Starfield

Is this your first Starfield mod? If so, you need a .ini file to ensure the game loads all mods accordingly.

Go to Documents > My Games > Starfield
Create a .ini file named StarfieldCustom.ini
Add these lines in the .ini file:


Main version is not compatible with other mods that alter eye textures.

However; if you want to use RETINA’s new reflections + gray pupils/watery eyes/misshaped iris fix with another eye textures mod;
you may download RETINA – Reflections and Fixes Only in the files > optional files section. That version is compatible with other eyes texture mods.



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