CharGenMenu V1.0.0.7

CharGenMenu V1.0.0.2

Modifies the vanilla CharGenMenu to show numbers, compacts vertical space to show more sliders, adds JSON presets, and more.

Requires SFSE for Presets, but the menu improvements are still functional.


  • Save/Load/Delete Presets
  • Separate Mod/Local preset directories
  • Smaller Face List Entries for more vertical display
  • Numeric values shown on sliders
  • Translations in sfee.ini (UTF8 BOM encoding)

Presets are by default loaded from the following directories

  • Starfield/Data/SFSE/Plugins/Chargen/Presets
  • Documents/My Games/Starfield/SFSE/Plugins/Chargen/Presets

Installation: Create or Edit the following file
Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini


You may have already done this for other mods, it should make the game load loose files from disk

Install Starfield Script Extender as it is a dependency to this mod

Run the game with sfse_loader.exe if using a mod manager it may do this automatically

Custom Sliders for modders

Custom body sliders requires a functioning load order, as it loads slider mods based on loaded mods, for example:

The config file, where “MyMod.esp” is the file name of your loaded mod, this can be esm, esp, or esl


The contents look like the following:


You may name the accompanying file whatever you like as long as it’s defined in the config. The Key to the category is the gender, the Race is assumed to be the HumanRace, but this may change later to support specific races if necessary.

The outlined file should be in the same directory, like so:


This contents of the file should be json payload of arrayed items:

"Name": "$First Slider",
"Key": "MyMorph"
"Name": "$Slider 1",
"Key": "Slider1"

The “Key” should match the name supplied in a Morph.dat file, and the “Name” is the displayed name in the menu, translation support for mods is still pending though. The new sliders will appear in the “BODY” section. MorphTargets must be 0.0-1.0 as the engine doesn’t natively allow “oversliding”. However, if/when bone scaling or script driven sliders are added there may be more keys to indicate slider properties (just as min/max/callback)

I will provide a full “example” slider mod another time, but these are the files and contents necessary.



Download mod

File File size
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