Biometric ID at Enhance V1.3

Biometric ID at Enhance

Does what it says on the tin. Adds the Biometric ID page to the Enhance! Chargen menu.

Because if you use the full menu it will always, and I mean always, say you need to select a background. Then you have to deselect and reselect your background. And that actually grants the perks a 2nd time so you just increased your skill ranks.

How To Use
You can either go to Enhance! or use the console command: slm 14 2
Don’t want to change Bio ID? – Bio ID #1 is always your current character, so move it to 1 if you don’t want to choose a new Bio ID.
NEW in v1.3: v1.11.36.0 adds a new Starborn Chargen menu that automatically opens when you cross the Unity. This new menu allows you to change your Body, Face and Traits by default but I have added the Biometric ID tab to this new menu as well. You can access the new menu with the console command: slm 14 1

Not compatible with any mods that modify chargenmenu.swf (i.e. CharGenMenu). Due to permissions, I can’t patch it as it would require using assets from that mod.



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