NPC Enhancer Gun V1.0.1

NPC Enhancer Gun V1.0

Hello! This mod/creation will, upon loading a game, add the Enhancer Gun, based on the Novablaster, to the player’s inventory. Firing this gun at an NPC (non-hostile act) will bring up the Enhance menu allowing players to change the NPCs appearance however they like!

Make sure to save your changes using your player character’s name (whatever you want it to be), not the NPC’s. If I find a solution to avoid having to do this, I will update.

The Enhancer Gun is zero weight and value, same with its ammo. It’s meant to be a fun gimmick rather than something that fits Starfield’s setting.

You can use mods like Biometric ID at Enhance (link below) that only change the interface of the chargenmenu with no compatibility issues. Doing so will load up a random biometric ID instead of the NPC’s appearance which will be ID 1.

I’ve noticed that sometimes NPC’s will “disappear” after the gun is used only to have respawned in a different location. For example, when using the gun on Sam at the Lodge he will disappear and respawn in the upstairs bar area.

If you run out of ammo or lose your gun, just save your game and reload and you will get a new gun and ammo.

There are two main files. One with a ba2 archive, one with loose files. Use ONE main file, not both. Extract and copy the contents one of these files to your data folder. Or, preferably, use the Mod Manager of your choice.

Load order does not matter.

There are no requirements other than the base game.

Recommended Mods:
Biometric ID at Enhance



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