Less Meat – Hunting V1.1

Less Meat - Hunting V1.1

This mod reduces the amount of meat you receive when skinning an animal

Do you ever feel like the game gives you too much meat when you skin an animal you’ve hunted? The Max amount of meat per type you can carry is 5, and that fills up real quick after killing one or two animals.

This mod aims to reduce the amount of meat given for each animal

How it Works
Most animal meat drops have been reduced by half. Poor quality animals will only drop 1 meat, and most Good/Perfect quality animals will drop 2. With the exception of bigger animals, such as alligators, elks, moose and bears whose poor quality variants will drop 2, and Good/Perfect variants will drop either 2 or 3.

Legendary Animals will drop the same amount of meat as Perfect quality variants

Bird meats are also effected by this mod, drops have also been reduced by half
Other animal drops such as, feathers, claws, antlers, etc. have not been significantly altered

How to install
This is an lml mod. So you’ll need Lenny’s Mod Loader for this to work
Drag and drop the “Less Meat – Hunting” folder into your lml folder

If you have another mod that uses the same file, you have two choices to make it compatible
You can set this mod higher on your priority list in lml modloader, by having it below the other mod that uses the same file (iykyk)
Or you can replace the file from the other mod with my file (should work, but results may vary)



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