My Last Boy Horse Error Fix V1.0

My Last Boy Horse Error Fix V1.0

Makes it so Eagle Flies and Rains Fall ride their respective horses during “My Last Boy”

The Mod
For whatever reason, Rockstar decided to give Rains Fall and Eagle Flies the Tobiano American Paint during “My Last Boy” instead of Eagle Flies’ horse and the Blue Roan Nokota. I was able to fix this issue once and for all by editing the yas for the mission, giving them the horses they were supposed to have.

Resolving Conflicts
As an important note, if you have another mod that edits a_c_horse_americanpaint_tobiano.ymt you will need to either give this mod priority, delete that file or copy over the entries that contain 0x2A3E99C1 and 0x5F46BA8E inside the ymt. I have already merged this with Another Horse Overhaul Mod, so don’t use this if you have it. I would advise other horse modders to do the same, so long as credit is given

Lenny’s Mod Loader – Must have
Scripthook RDR2 – Needed for LML

Simply drop the contents of the folder in LML > stream



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File File size
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