Shady Belle overhaul V1.0

Shady Belle overhaul

Enhance Shady Belle: Uncover concealed surprises, revamp interiors, and elevate the atmosphere

Shady Belle Transformation:
Interiors: Revamp the interiors of Shady Belle. Add new furniture, decorations, and lighting to breathe life into the space. Consider customizing each room to give it a unique vibe.
Atmosphere: Enhance the overall atmosphere. Whether it’s making it cozier, more mysterious, or even eerie, think about the mood you want to convey.
Hidden Nooks: Create hidden nooks or secret passages within Shady Belle. These could lead to treasure, unique items, or simply serve as interesting easter eggs for players to discover.
Exterior Changes:
Landscaping: Alter the surroundings of Shady Belle. Maybe add overgrown vegetation, a small garden, or a fishing spot by the water.
Structural Improvements: Repair or modify the exterior of the mansion. Fix broken windows, add balconies, or change the color scheme.

Lighting: Adjust the lighting both indoors and outdoors. Consider different times of day and weather conditions.
Textures: Improve textures for walls, floors, and objects. Make them more detailed and realistic.
Props and Clutter: Add clutter, personal items, and props to make Shady Belle feel lived-in.
Compatibility and Performance:
Test Thoroughly: Ensure your mod doesn’t conflict with other popular mods or break the game.
Optimization: Optimize your mod for performance. Large-scale changes can impact frame rates, so find a balance.



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