SSM (Simple Slow Motion)

SSM (Simple Slow Motion)

Requires: Community Script Hook RDR2 .NET V2

Description: A simple script to slow the game down whilst playing and vice versa.

Usage: 1) Install ScriptHookRDR2 .Net V2
 2) Place all files in this mod’s zip into Red Read Redemption 2/Scripts.
If you do not have a scripts folder, create one.

Default keybind is ‘Y’, default timescale of the mod is 0.40.

Keybind and TimeScale can be changed in Config.xml, as well as:
F3 lets you change the timescale. Enter a floating point (e.g 0.2, 0.3, 0.80)
F4 lets you change the bind. Refer to (Microsoft Key Code) for keycodes. ‘Y’ works, as does ’89’, which is also Y. These are case sensitive.

Notice: This mod might be falsely flagged as anti-virus as it writes and reads from a config file.



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