Fountain (West Elizabeth) V1.0

Fountain (West Elizabeth) V1.0

I’ve rather amateurishly attempted to create my own town in southern West Elizabeth called Fountain.

In the town I have included:
Sheriff’s Office
Law Office
Regular Doctor
Discount Doctor (Tent)
Butcher (Tent)
General Store
Industrial Area
Accountancy Firm
Gunsmith (no interior)
Barber (no interior)
Half constructed large house (basically Beecher’s Hope)
Church (no interior)
Statue / Monument

Please see pictures for additional information.

I used the Map Editor for all of the project and kind of learned as I went along so certain bits and pieces of the map are better than others.

I also have installed the short grass mod from this site, so if you don’t have this installed then the town may look slightly more overgrown that it does in my pictures.

99% of the mod is available using ymap files, 1% is an xml file which includes certain things that wouldn’t work in ymap format (NPCs, greenery and crops for the farm)

The ymaps will need to be saved in the stream folder which can be found inside your lml folder. The xml file should be put in the map folder which can be found inside Map Editor folder.

One last thing, none of the interiors are interactive. I have no idea how you’d go about doing that!



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