RDR2 Map Editor v0.1.6.1

RDR2 Map Editor v0.10

Don’t know how to use the map editor?


Open Editor – F5 by default can be changed in settings.xml

Camera boost – Left shift
Use arrow keys to traverse menus, enter to select.
When using left or right to modify a value you can hold down shift + direction to quickly change it.

Search – Press tab button, use arrow keys to change search type, note that space equals underscore (_)

Rotate object – Q / E even if your prompts say something different.

Source: discord.com



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24 Comments on “RDR2 Map Editor v0.1.6.1”

  1. F5 default editor open key cannot be changed in settings.xml like the description says. If you change it nothing happens.

  2. Hi, Map Editor was working fine for me but after some time I can’t save a map. I tried uninstall/install back the mod but nothing solves this. Is anyone knowing how to resolve this?

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