Do Challenges in Any Order You Want

Do Challenges in Any Order You Want

This is a dump of the files I edited to allow you to progress all the avaiable challenges in the game right from the start.
Due to the way i created this mod by creating each Challenge ID for every rank, that means that the game resets your current challenges progress at the moment the game loads the new challenges IDs, but dont worry, the game wont keep resetting the progress afterwards. so please if you just want to test the mod, remember to BACKUP YOUR SAVEDGAME



place the DoChallengesInAnyOrderYouWant folder in your your_RDR2_base_folder/lml folder

Bugs found

The game dont add to the progress, objectives that have scoreSource type=”StatsGoalScoreSourceScript” as part of their score system. The fix i found for this was to set its parent challenge name/id to its original name (case/scenario: MASTER HUNTER RANK 2), but unfortunally the game have other ranks with this type of score that belong in the same challenge, so a fix for this isnt doable for this other cases now (Need help from .ASI programmers).

Ranks possible affected by this type of score, but needed to be tested yet: GAMBLER RANK 4 (poker), GAMBLER RANK 6(blackjack), GAMBLER RANK 7 (fivefinger)

Tracking the progress through the main menu->progression->challenges, seem to not display the correct challenge belonging to its rank, but the player can keep track of things by pressing “L” key during gameplay but it probably can be fixed by tweaking the challenges_sp.meta tags.
The game automatically append a numeric value to the name of the challenge so it cant get confusing if you know the challenges through the number but the description of the challenge remains in its original localization

Requires: LML



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