Special Edition Content

Special Edition Content

Unlock RDR2 Special Edition Content

Special Edition Content
Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition with original Story Mode content from the Special Edition
Get exclusive Story Mode content including:
– Bank Robbery and Gang Lair in Story Mode
Get access to the quest in which Arthur and his accomplices prepare to rob the bank of the southern town called Rhodes. In addition, you can find hacienda captured by members of the Del Lobos gang.
– Thoroughbred black horse with dark apples
Thoroughbred black horse with dark apples: This swift horse will help you get away from any chase. Plus, you’ll get a dark leather Nuevo Paraiso saddle with silver trim. The horse and saddle will be available in Story Mode.
– Nuevo Paraiso Shooter Outfit
This Story Mode costume for Arthur is inspired by the clothing of Mexican shepherds and bandits. It includes a wide-brimmed black cowboy hat, a navy blue cape, well-worn rough cloth chaps, leather gloves and boots.
– Talisman and medallion with in-game bonuses
These special items from the story mode will help Arthur. If Arthur attaches an eagle’s claw talisman to his boots, he can use his orienteering skill in the wild longer. And with the scale, the iguana will take less damage when riding.
– Increase in statuses, cash bonuses and discounts
Increases in statuses, cash bonuses and discounts: a set of in-game bonuses for the story mode. Arthur’s stamina, health and Dead Eye statuses will be increased. The cash bonus will help you get more money from robberies and from the sale of animal carcasses. You will also receive a discount on all upgrades in the Van der Linde gang camp.
– Free access to additional weapons
A good selection of weapons is essential for survival in the Wild West. You will receive three types of weapons from gunsmiths in story and online modes: the Volcanic rapid-fire pistol, the powerful shotgun, or the handy Lancaster Varmint carbine.

—- installation —-
just replace the file in the this location.
Save location for the cracked version is C:\Users\appdata\Roaming\Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves\RDR2



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