Jackets and Such V Final

Jackets and Such V Final

I made this update for those that want to use one of these gunslinger jackets at the start of the game
which is compatible with my other less known mod WhyEm’s DLC

Newly added
The Enhanced Original
The Brown on Brown
The WhyEm Enhanced Original

Obviously choose one ☝️
they don’t all work together

or you can choose one of the old classics
please note that besides the three mentioned above the rest are more or less included in my, once more, less known mod WhyEm’s DLC

Available for download
Leather Gunslinger Jacket (Special thanks to pintailduck100)
Brown on Brown Gunslinger Jacket (Optional)
Black Weathered Winter Gunslinger Coat
Grizzlies Outlaw Coat Retexture
Dark Ram baby
The Black on Brown Gunslinger Jacket
Gunslinger Jacket Original
Lenny’s Gunslinger Jacket (revisited)

All newer versions will be optimized for Lenny’s Mod Loader.
However, if you want to use Rampage then go ahead.

i made these for my playthrough and decided to share them.
I do not accept requests or suggestions. in fact I may not even fix bugs.

Lenny’s Mod Loader
If the mod has a instal.xml in it then extract the mod in your lml folder
otherwise, drop all files in the Stream folder; you need to create one if you don’t have it already



Download mod

File File size
rar The WhyEm Enhanced Original 15 MB
rar The Brown on Brown 5 MB
rar The Enhanced Original 9 MB
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