Looking Healthy Arthur

Looking Healthy Arthur

Basically, this moddification replaces Black Lung’s facial and body textures with the default ones (AKA Healthy Morgan).

¿Have you ever thought about how Chapter 6 would look like if Arthur’d not gotten TB? ¿Have you? Well… you might have just found what you’re looking for… kind of.

(Btw, English isn’t my native language so thanks for comprehending)

Greetings, fellow red dead enjoyers! 😉

I made this mod with the intention of being able to see how all the cutscenes from Chapter 6 would play out with a “non constantly decaying looking Arthur 🤒”, and I achieved my goal, on the cost of sacryphising game inmersion.

This mod ONLY replaces textures, so don’t expect Arthur not to be coughing just for the sake of drinking, eating, smoking, breathing or just existing. 😔

Sadly, we can’t change our dear outlaw’s fate but…

“There ain’t no shame in looking for a better world.”

INSTALLATION is very simple:

1. Download the file.

2. Extract the file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

3. Copy the contents into your “lml” folder.
(you’ll need Lenny’s Mod Loader for it to work)

4. Run the game and enjoy. 😀

RECOMMENDATION to help with inmertion:

I like to use the Rampage Trainer along side this mod because it allows you to change the character’s stats at will, including their weight. (no more Spooky Morgan)

Requires: Script Hook RDR2



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