NCR Ranger Helmet V1.0.1

NCR Ranger Helmet V1.0.1

Patrolling New Austin almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter… Replaces the viking helmet with the NCR Ranger helmet from Fallout New Vegas. Doesn’t require a script nor a merge with any other mod

The Helmet replaces the Viking Helmet (found North West from Annesburg.

First, using your prefered rar extractor (zip or winrar) extract the folder into your desktop. Drop it into LML.

-A NCR Ranger Helmet that looks pretty dope.
-Compatible with all versions of lml.
-No script, it’s a YDD.
-Emissive Goggles. (Won’t actually light up the ground or surroundings)
-Can be used by NPCs, this will help for taking pictures.

Outfit By TwinkieSnake, can be found here on NCR Ranger Inspired Character.



Download mod

File File size
rar NCR Ranger Helmet-1-0-1 18 MB
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