Naked Swimsuit Replacer V0.4

This mod simply replaces the swimsuit with the default body and if combined with the NSFW – Naked Starfield Wanderers it will become naked

currently clothing mods/changes to nifs or morphs is not perfect and there for this mod only works well with skin tone 4 and 8 as the hands and neck will not match correctly, as and when this can be fixed with future tools I will do so

you can equip the swimsuit to any companion you want and they will become nude but if they don’t use skin tone 4 or 8 it will look odd and mismatched also if you visit Paradiso all the female npc’s will be nude

like every other loose mod currently, this mod should be placed into your “Documents/My Games/Starfield/data” folder not the main game folder

Requires: Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods



Download mod

File File size
zip Nude Swimsuit esm update-0-4 505 B
zip Nude Swimsuit-0-3 1 KB
zip Nude Swimsuit-0-1 269 KB
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