Stealthing on Scow – Stealth option for No Sudden Moves V0.1.1

Stealthing on Scow - Stealth option for No Sudden Moves V0.1

If you can sneak your way to the artifact without alerting the guards, you can leave without combat or bounty.

However, even if nobody witnesses the artifact being taken, all the guards will immediately turn hostile, and you will incur a bounty.
This mod allows you to avoid this if you didn’t try to persuade Petrov and weren’t detected trespassing by the guards.
If you attempted persuasion, alerted the guards, or attacked anyone, the quest will revert to the vanilla behaviour.
After you have stealthily stolen the artifact, You will no longer have the option to have Petrov walk you down to the now empty display.
You still need to sneak out. If guards detect you in off limits locations as you leave, they will still turn hostile.
Papyrus scripts only.
No plugin.


Whenever. Doesn’t matter.
Use a mod manager such as mod organizer 2 or vortex

Q: Maybe Petrov rigged the artifact up with an alarm or something.
A: I don’t care. The game is less fun if you can sneak all the way up to the artifact but still have to murder your way out.



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