Habz V1.5

Habz V1.1

Some extra habs for your ship. First version includes 1×1 habs for HopeTech (Fuselage, ordinary) and Taiyo (mid C). Decorated as good as I could with xedit.

1×1 Habs included in v1.0:
Armory, Bathroom/showers, Bunk beds, Captains Quarters, Computer Core, Control Room, Engineering, Workshop, Gym, Infirmary, Science Lab.

For Taiyo I only did the Mid C version for now, since I was unsure how many of each I should make. If you miss some, let me know and I’ll add it!

For Fuselage I only made 5 for now; Armory (very tight fit, don’t use with ladder!), Bunk beds, Captains Quarters, Engineering, Workshop. Same here, I’ll add when you ask for it.

Everything is under the usual habs tab and available for those who sells Hopetech/Taiyo Common modules.

Do remember that all the clutter will be gone when you rebuild your ship. For best experience of this mod, enjoy it after the clutter is back.

I hope you will enjoy them! More is in the making.

DISCLAIMER: I am still a bit unsure how to pack custom nif files for SF. I have one custom now that is used for the lavatories in the bathroom. If it doesn’t work correctly let me know! Or if you have ideas on how to add it correctly.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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