Online Coyotes Unlocked for SP V1.0

Online Coyotes Unlocked for SP

I have added all the online variants to the single player to spawn with the SP coyotes. These coyotes now have working skinning animations with even correct coloured pelts. This is another way to add more content to your game and still have it blend into the world. Be aware that this does not effect other coyotes in game. There is a few in game basic variants of coyotes and the online variations have just been added on to the coyote spawn cycle. Also this is a simple mod that requires no textures or swaps or anything like that just follow the install instructions and you’re good to go.

IMPORTANT – To use this mod you first need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker‘ by ‘EnergiDaan’ from nexus mods to be able to use the assets within the game.

– First you need to install Lenny’s Mod Loader correctly.
– Then you need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker’ from nexus mods to be able to use this mod.
– Then Just place the ‘lml’ folder in your game directory for your Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you have Rampage Trainer installed you can spawn the coyotes in order with it.



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