Restore Boadicea

Restore Boadicea

Restores the Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-Bred


Lenny’s Mod Loader


Place the “restoreBoadicea” folder inside your “/Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/”
If using mod that shares catalog_sp.ymt, replace all instances of HORSE_BREED_THOROUGHBRED_REVERSEDAPPLEBLACK with HORSE_BREED_HUNGARIANHALFBRED_LIVERCHESTNUT data

Replaces the Special/Ultimate Edition Reverse Dapple Black Thoroughbred with the Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-Bred, as well as removing the need for the Special/Ultimate Edition. Simply claim your free horse at the Valentine Stable.

The Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-Bred is speculated to be Arthur’s main horse, Boadicea, that was killed before the events of Chapter One, and possibly featured in the cut prologue chapter of the game. This war horse sports high, unique stats unlike any other Hungarian Half-Bred coats in the game with level 10 health and level 9 stamina at max bonding level, and a speed level of 7 and acceleration level of 6 with the right saddles.



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