Streams Horse Overhaul

Streams Horse Overhaul

A collection of New and Old horses I made for my live streams.

The Modded RDR2 Twitch series has come to an end almost one week ago so it’s time to release the overhaul I used to the public!

This Overhaul is made of (mostly) New horses that I never released to the public and Old horses I like particularly! As an Overhaul is supposed to do, this mod will replace all the horses in the game.
You’ll find some of my horse breeds as well, such as the Knabstrupper, the Orlov Trotter, the Sardinian Anglo-Arabian, the Paso Fino and some still unreleased breeds such as the American Cream Draft, the Murgese and the Maremmano, plus a couple of Ponies and Grade Horses as well!
All these breeds will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Also, there are some coat exclusives:
– Exclusive Sardinian Anglo-Arabian, Reverse Dapple Bay Coat
– Exclusive Irish Draught, Rose Grey Bay Coat

You’ll find these coats ONLY in this mod!

Stats and names have been changed as well to give better immersion!

I’ll leave the link to my Twitch clips, in case you wanna laugh for a while and see some of the horses!

Twitch Clips

PS: This mod will conflict with any other mod that uses pedattributes.ymt. If you want to keep that mod as well as this, you might consider sacrificing pedattributes.ymt from this mod as it is not essential but just to make the breed changes make actual sense.

First things first, you need to install some things to make this mod work:

Script Hook: be sure to install the latest version available. After you have installed it, put ScriptHook.dll in your RDR2 directory. If you’re using Steam Launcher, your directory should be somewhere around here = This Pc/Local Disc (C:)/Programs (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Red Dead Redemption 2;
Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML): now copy everything inside the ModLoader folder and paste it into your RDR2 directory. You should now see the famous “lml” folder we’ll be using later, and also be sure to read the read me file inside the downloaded folder of the mod;
Asi Loader: just place the file and version.dll into your directory. This will make Online assets and textures work in story mode.

After you’ve done all of this, you just have to place both the “stream” and “Rea’s Streams Horse Overhaul” folders you’ll find into the downloaded file into your lml folder.



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File File size
rar Reas Streams Horse Overhaul-Final 55 MB
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