Thoroughbred Horse Coats

Thoroughbred Horse Coats

New Thoroughbred Horse Coats!

Some of my custom Thoroughbred coats! Will update and add more as they come.

All horses have been made a smidge smaller as I found their original
height a bit too big for my personal taste!
+ horseshoes added to all ^^


– Secretariat **NEW**
– Flightline
– Chestnut Brindle
– Bloody Shoulder Grey
-Bay Skewbald
– Palomino Overo (inspired by Sato)
– Sodashi
– Chestnut
– Black
– Dapple Grey
– Bay Brindle


– requires LML
Red Dead Redemption 2 > lml > stream
– make sure to include the .ytd files in the stream folder also


As all the coat replacements use .ytd files, please check out this awesome resource to see what
other horse coats might be affected by these new markings!



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