Tweed Suits Pack V2.0

Tweed Suits Pack V1.0

Enjoy classic tweed patterns in RDR2: Glencheck, Houndstooth, Gunclub!

Through your journey in the world of RDR2, you very, very, VERY often find yourself in the expanses of countryside.

But what’s countryside without proper countryside clothing?

Well, what could be better than tweed in this category!
It has many advantages:
Natural Camouflage, Durability, Possibility to wear in all weather conditions…

But the most important plus is –


“Tweed Suits Pack” mod includes:

“The Scottish Highlander”

“Glencheck” Tweed two-piece suit.
(Worsted coat+fancy pants retexture)

“The Dog Dentist”
“Houndstooth” Tweed three-piece suit.
(Worsted coat+Fancy pants+Worn vest (WhyEm’s DLC))

“Shooting Enthusiast”
“Gunclub” Tweed two-piece suit.
(Worsted coat+fancy pants retexture)

WhyEm’s DLC (for vest)
Lenny’s Mod Loader

Drop “LML” to root rdr2 folder



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