Van Der Nude Gang

Van Der Nude Gang

Makes all female Van Der Linde gang members nude! Also replaces bathing ladies with nude Van Der Linde gang members!

This replaces all of Van Der Linde gang female member outfits with nude variants!

Bathing lady replacements! Bathing ladies will now be one of the nude
gang females! Let Grimshaw wash your junk for you!
Now with wearable cock!
All future nude models will be added to this mod!

Requires: Lenny’s Mod Loader



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zip Van Der Nude Gang 151 KB
zip Wearable Cock 433 KB
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8 Comments on “Van Der Nude Gang”

  1. Does not work as the screenshots imply. These are static, inanimate nude meshes. Arms are warped with any animation.

  2. Go into lml/replace and rename update to update_4 and it will work with full animations,no glitches,
    do the same thing for the cock mod as well
    Bonus tip:you can change Abigail’s hair from this mod to Charlotte’s hair that’s more similar with her original hair,open cs_abigailroberts.ymt and cs_bathingladies_01.ymt with notepad,search for the lines0xAB403DE0 with 0x332F418B
    Bonus tip 2:the hot coffee mod uses bathing ladies instead of prostitutes,use both mods togheter for a surprise.

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