Arthur Morgan Outfit Overhaul V1.3

Arthur Morgan Outfit Overhaul

This mod aims to change the dull and boring outfits of Arthur Morgan to make them darker and more interesting with a big set of retextures.

I never quite liked Arthur’s starting outfits. I decided to make them better and more interesting. The redesigns are mostly based around artworks, leaked beta screenshots and personal preference. This mod IS compatible with ALL shop_items mods (JMRP, NPC Catalog, YCA etc) as they are just retextures and model changes.

I changed most of the default items and will probably change more in future updates. For now I mainly retextured the coats, loadouts, shirt, hats and more. Please read the readme or look at the images for a complete list.

You NEED Lenny’s mod loader. Please use other methods only when necessary as I will NOT help you if you are not using lml.

The installation is quite simple. I recommend installing all files but you may choose only the ones you like. When you open the .zip file you will be met with several folders that contain the clothing (textures, models etc.) Open each of the folders you want and select a variant if you see it. Then put all the files from that folder into the “stream” folder of LML. If you don’t see a “lml” folder please, install Lenny’s mod loader. If the “stream” folder is not there, you can simply create it.



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