Chunky Arthur Morgan – Morgan The Strongman V1.2

Chunky Arthur Morgan - Morgan The Strongman V1.0

Have you ever wanted your Arthur to look as beefy as possible but still fit on everything? well this is for you ladies and gentlemen! This Mod gives Arthur his max weight fat look at all times without having to worry about weight. Also includes extra improvements to Arthur’s Max Weight body type to match his strongman look.

Arthur’s Max Weight Fat head with his double chin.
Improved Strongman Body type!
Morgan The Strongman is compatible with pretty much everything even Daddy Morgan mod and Old Arthur 1919 (A Perfect combo !).
Tested and works with most clothes without any clipping issues.
If you dont want the double chin faced Arthur you can remove the “Chunky Arthur” Folder and only keep the .asi file

How to Install:
Place the “Chunky Arthur.asi” inside the Red Dead Redemption 2 folder directory (this will force Arthur’s max weight body type at all times).
Place the “Chunky Arthur Morgan” Folder inside LML.
Enjoy your Big Boah.

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