Fishwife’s Rampage (Play as Sadie) V2.0

Fishwife's Rampage (Play as Sadie) V1.0

This mod lets you play as Sadie, it plays as if you’re arthur and john, except its sadie! so deadeye works and most things. Theres still minor issues like not sitting down in camp and cant sleep. Sadie will remain John and Arthur’s voices so you can still interact with people without it being awkward, Sadie’s voice lines is very limited so thats why I didn’t use them. And yes… she can be played in the mission Red Dead Redemption right after the robbery! in both low honor and high honor without problems! Sadie comes with a different walkcycle, you will thank me for it ;D

This mod requires ScriptHook, Lenny’s Mod Loader and a trainer of your choice. I recommend you use Rampage Trainer.

When you open up your save, you will notice that Sadie is invisible, but thats an easy fix! Open up your trainer of choice, and change the outfit variations and now she should appear.
I recommend playing with outfit 16 (chapter 6 outfit) You can use cosmetic Sadie mods from other modders, just rename the ymt files from “cs_mrsadler” to “player_zero”. Texture mods work too but they don’t need to be renamed.

Sometimes the missions will make her disappear again, it’s not that frequent and happens once in a while, but if it happens then just open up your trainer of choice and switch outfit variations again and then she comes back again. Changing her outfit works during cutscenes! She mostly disappears due to some story missions forcing you to change outfits and some looks, that make you invisible, such as American Venom and the Saint Denis bank robbery mission.

Installation: go to your “RedDeadRedemption2” folder, and then put the “replace” and “stream” folders in your lml folder.



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