WhyEm’s Assortment

WhyEm's Assortment

290+ new items added to your game…
Compatible with Red Dead Offline 1.33

Wardrobe, Hairdo, and a Saddle Assortment… Plus Gun Carvings!

Please note that I made this for my personal use and decided to share it.

These assortments are available at the trapper, barber, gun store, and the stable.
Items are listed under the submenus:
WhyEm’s Wardrobe
WhyEm’s Hairdos
WhyEm’s Carvings
WhyEm’s Saddles

Once items are purchased they will be added to your inventory.
The current item list includes the following perks :
– Option to Remove Shirt
– Option to Remove Satchel
– Option to Remove Holster
– Option to Remove Suspenders
– Option to Remove Off-hand Holster
– Dedicated Knife Sheaths Sub-Menu
– Dedicated Ammunition Belt Sub-Menu
– Dedicated Accessories Menu
– Saddles with customizable components
– Custom Hairstyles compatible with hair growth
– Horse Scabbards with matching Saddle colors
– Horse Bow Mount bundled with the scabbard
– Horse lanterns* for the custom saddles…
– Horse lassos for the custom saddles
– Requirement based Saddles coats and vests**

*You will need to buy the custom saddle first then the lantern will be unlocked for purchase
**The Cuagar, ram, and the two vests will only be available if you have crafted the base item
I will further expand this requirement-based mechanic in the near future.

Current item list

According to excel
16 | Hats
49 | Coat Variations
02 | Cloaks
06 | Ponchos
08 | Shirts (3 with undergarments*)
08 | Neckwear Options
16 | Vests
12 | Glove Variations
08 | Hair Due Options
12 | Pant Variations
14 | Suspenders (With Hanging**)
05 | Boot Variations
03 | Options of Chaps
22 | Variations of Spats
10 | Spurs
11 | Gunbelts***
10 | Holsters
07 | Off-Hand Holsters
08 | Bandoliers
07 | Ammunition Belt
07 | Knife Sheaths
04 | Satchels
06 | Accessories
28 | Saddle Options****
09 | Gun Carvings + Tints
04 | Outfits

* Special Shirts have an undergarment when the sleeve is rolled up
** Automatically hides when you wear a coat or a vest
*** Bundled with Custom Ammunition Belt Bullets…
**** Lantern, Scabbard, and Lasso prop available once the base saddle is bought
***** Only tested with Arthur… got the game spoiled for me 🙂

Compatible with the great Red Dead Offline 1.3.3
Not compatible with any mod that uses the same files

Please note that new outfits will not be saved after reloading the game they reset at the end of each game session.
However, if you are wearing the outfit it will be saved.


Step One
Download the Latest version of SkriptHook 19 Jul 2021 
Place in your RDR2 folder
Install LML
Run any RDR mod that uses lml to verify its working

Step Two
Do NOT use any mod manager or downloader for this
Unless you know how to do it
Deleting one of the files will result in you having fewer items
If you experience a crash then either you have :
a. a conflicting mod
b. you did not install it correctly

Step Three
Standalone version
Download standard edition version
Unpack contents in lml folder
Play game


Step Three
Red Dead Offline Compatible Version
Download Red Dead Offline and install it
Verify Red Dead Offline by running it first
Download WhyEm Assortment Red Dead Offline Edition
Unpack all contents in lml folder
Overwrite when prompted
Play game

This video demonstration is a snippet of what you will get if you manage to install the mod successfully
I made this mod for myself; therefore I went into extreme details to make it look the way I want it to

Watch the Video; Install the Mod and Enjoy

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Showcase Series VIII + Installation

Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR
RDR 2 Asi Loader 0.2.1
Red Dead Offline



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5 Comments on “WhyEm’s Assortment”

  1. bro i installed standard edition
    but the mod is not working btw im using fitgirl’s repack for rdr2
    its version 1.0 .1311 i think will it work

  2. Installation makes no sense. I am using the non RDoffline version & I put the extracted folder into my LML main folder, nothing happens. I wish the author would not have disabled comments on the Nexus page so at least other users could help those of us who are struggling to follow the very vague instructions. Its too bad, this looks like a great mod if you can get it working.

    1. make sure to put it in lml in the rdr root folder. There should be two folders within the main whyem folder , red dead offline and whyem assortment. Put those two folders in the lml and they should appear on the loader. My issue is i can get them to appear and activate but whyem crashes my game on load up.

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