Aeonic ReShade – RDR2 Photo-realism Overhaul

Aeonic ReShade - RDR2 Photo-realism Overhaul

Version: 2.0

Complete photo-realistic overhaul ReShade preset for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Photo-realism

What’s the artistic side of gun-slinging? Drawing… Anyway, here we have Red Dead Redemption 2 and I done went Aeonic on it.

Extreme photo-realism using ReShade to create a truly gorgeous graphical and lighting overhaul. The screenshots are merely images from the video, watch the video to see this preset in all her glory!


What This ReShade Offers

• Extreme photo-realism and immersive lighting •
• Visuals that are more akin to a movie than a video game •
• Focused realism in colour tones and contrast, focusing on true-to-life greens in vegetation etc •
• Heightened texture definition and sharpness •
• Improved looks for clothing, silks, leather, jewellery etc •
• A combination of little details such as clear water etc. •
• More natural colours on horses, wildlife etc. •
• Techniques that gives grass, bushes and trees the look of increased volume •
• Emphasis on details such as face and skin tones, hair, fur, paint, rocks, bricks, dust etc. •
• Better night darkness without disturbing the illumination of lamps, campfires etc. •
• Specifically set DoF that helps soften distance quality etc. •

A lot more…

The ReShade is for Vulkan. It is still a ‘Work in Progress’ and I absolutely will be improving it further.

– Comments containing criticism from users that have not downloaded the file will be removed. I want honest feedback, not presumptions –
– Do not modify, copy or replicate my work and upload it, regardless of crediting me or claiming it as your own –

Endorse if you like it! Leave feedback and suggestions in the comments and follow me on Twitter to keep track of whatever I plan to do next!
– Install guide included in download –

WARNING: This is NOT for online use. Rockstar treat ReShade with the same severity as outright cheating.



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