Extreme Photorealism Reshade – RDR2

Extreme Photorealism Reshade - RDR2

Just an extremely photorealistic reshade preset I spent quite a lot of time working on, I hope you like it!
I compared it with others and (in my opinion) it blows all the others away!

HOW TO INSTALL: Download reshade from reshade.me
Place the exe into your root folder
(on steam, it’s steam/steamapps/common/Red Dead Redemption 2)
To find it easier, right-click RDR2 in your game library, click properties, go to local files, click browse.
Once you’ve put the exe in the folder, drag the ini file in the folder as well.
Click the reshade setup, go through the setup process, at the end,
Click edit reshade settings, then click preset, press the “…” and select my preset.
Do not close the setup if you’re using Vulkan, and every time you play the game you have to have to have the “Reshade Setup was successful!” page open.
Enjoy! 🙂
If you don’t understand, there are many tutorials out there!



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