Ninja ReShade – Enhanced Visuals

Ninja ReShade - Enhanced Visuals

A simple yet effective preset to improve RDR2’s visuals. It reduces the orange filter, adds sharpening and some color grading.

This mod is an overhaul of my original preset, so I decided to post it separately for better public exposure.

1. Download ReShade from here.
2. Install ReShade into your game (run installer, select RDR2.exe as target, then select either Vulkan or DX10/11/12 depending on what you use and check all shaders except the legacy ones).
3. Select my preset file for installation when prompted OR copy the preset file to the game folder (where RDR2.exe is located).
4. Launch the game and press ‘Home’ to toggle the ReShade UI, then make sure the ‘Ninja_ReShade’ preset is selected.

Tip: If you prefer the warmer vanilla colors, simply disable the ‘Tint’ shader in the ReShade Home menu.



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