RDR2 Visual Overhaul V1.5

RDR2 Visual Overhaul

My only focus was to enhance the already amazing graphics this game has. I’ve just seen too many “Photorealistic” or “Filmic” presets that ruin the look of the game completely for me. Improved Colors, Lighting, Shadows & More! Hope you enjoy!

Well, after the news of DLSS 2.0 coming soon, and the release of ‘Visual Redemption 1.0’ by Razed (NaturalVision Evolved creator for GTA5), I figured I would take the time to come back to this beautiful game and apply what I learned from my Cyberpunk ReShade E3 Visual Overhaul. It’s far less of an “Overhaul” than that one, but I decided to still keep the same name anyway. I took the same 4 shaders from it and basically just reshaped it around this game, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Nothing overkill, no crazy sharpening (use NVIDIA Control Panel sharpening instead), no dramatic change to the look of the game at all, just simply amplifies everything to make the game “pop” more.

– Extract and drag all 4 files from the download to your RDR2 directory
– Launch the game, “Page Up” key to get into ReShade menu, and “Page Down” key to toggle effects
– If not automatically selected, choose “rdr2_visual_overhaul.ini” from the drop-down menu within ReShade
– Make sure “Performance Mode” is checked at the bottom on the ReShade menu as well!



Download mod

File File size
rar RDR2 Visual Overhaul-1-5 1 KB
rar RDR2 Visual Overhaul 1.3 28 MB
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