The Burrito Bandito’s Reshade

The Burrito Bandito's Reshade

Are you tired of a somewhat washed-out game? Red Dead Redemption II in its vanilla state is still pretty… although you may be seeking something better. The Burrito Bandito’s Reshade is a visual enhancement mod… and is vastly different than the average reshade.

Well… if you are, we have at least one thing in common! Now… I have said more than once at this point that this reshade is better than the “average reshade”, and the purpose of this is NOT to insult anybody. So if you love the reshade your using right now then keep using it! If you would like to give this a download and try it out I would appreciate it.

Nonetheless, here are some reasons why this isn’t a copy and paste of almost every other reshade:
-It doesn’t have overkill sharpness… like dawg this is RDR2 not borderlands (jkjk)
-It doesn’t have one color overlay tinted over it, unlike some where it looks as if it has excess (typical colors:) blue or red on the screen
-It doesn’t use so much vibrance to where it looks as if your in-game colors were replaced by an 80’s comic book palette 
-It doesn’t use excess filters that destroy your fps
-It doesn’t just use so much contrast that it makes your game look burned
-It doesn’t just clarify the game so much where the word “clarity” should be replaced with “melted”

And, if you’ve read this far then you have realized by now that I have listed off reasoning as to “why this reshade isn’t repetitive like others blah blah blah”. Although… I am going to now describe a little about the reshade itself in the following lines:

-After tinkering… I managed to make a really nice Light-Based Ambiance effect. What this creates is a plethora of nice, cloudy, almost fog-like overlays which have the end result of some really nice visual upgrades. This effect can be seen in most of the early RDR2 trailers as well! So… if you crank up your motion blur and turn off some HUD settings it has a wonderful outcome. Along with this, it makes the sun brighter and has a bloom effect; so if you are staring directly into the sun… it actually looks like you are, rather than looking like you are squinting at a lit match. And the “light-based” segment of this effect is a huge plus. What it does is the same as what I just said with those splendid clouds… but it makes the general tint/color of it based on the surrounding lighting. So if you are strolling through the main street of Valentine, it would have more of a blue tint. Rather than having a gunfight in Tumbleweed, where it keeps its warm visuals and has orange-ish clouds chasing after you.

-Using DELC Sharpening Techniques I managed to create the perfect amount of sharpening. Also, one advantage of this sharpening over most others is that it uses a Depth Mask… which is almost identical to a Depth Of Field filter, but rather than a blur in the background; it is just the unsharpened version of this reshade, so the sharpening is what is up close to you. This sharpening is also so precise that it almost makes it look like your textures got upgraded. And it adds a significant amount of extra detail to Arthur/John and their clothes, guns, horses, and much more.

Those were the main two effects in my opinion… paired along with some others that add their own visual advantages. One thing I tried to do was minimize the number of filters used to try and reduce performance loss. 

Also, I would like to note that a little amount of the visuals were inspired by Zephyr’s Ultimate Realism Reshade.



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