Chapter II Start with Unique Features

Chapter II Start with Unique Features

Hello there!

I’ve played this game a LOT and basically know every aspect of this open world nightmare of a map.
So, here I am putting together a starter save for those who want to skip the very boring prologue.
So here we go, the following save contains:

* All Prologue missions done chronologicaly and legitimately and without use of any trainers.

* Obtained the missables from the train mission: (Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?)
Mining Company Letter to Cornwall
Oil Company Letter to Cornwall

* Just arrived in Horseshoe Overlook.

* NO missions done, NO strangers found and NO random world events done.

* 4 camp requests yet to be found and delivered:
Hosea’s story book
Ms. Grimshaw’s herbs
Mr. Pearson’s rabbit (Which will give you the unique Denim Scout Jacket)
Mary-Beth’s pen.

* No challenges started EXCEPT for the Master Hunter I where you have to skin 3 Deers.
(I killed two, studied one and skinned one in the mission “The Aftermath of Genesis” in the Prologue)

* Picked up the following in-camp collectibles:
Rambles Through Woods And Plains
Zoological Compendium
Dutch’s Speech Notes

This save was done in the EPIC Games ULTIMATE version of Red Dead Redemption II.



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