Aurora Basin Cabin V1.0

Aurora Basin Cabin V1.0

Natively cleans up, restores, and enhances Aurora Basin cabin and dock.

S.G.Remlin the III and Co are Nordic real estate tycoons who are buying up abandoned properties, restoring them, and either renting them out or selling them.

Head to the newly restored Aurora Basin and begin your night or life of solitude and luxory in the pristine wilderness. There you will find a newly cleaned and renovated Aurora Basin cabin and dock with the options to rent or buy to enjoy the amenities included in the property. Look for the mailbox and sign at the front gate leading to the cabin.

Some of these generous amenities include a working bed, fresh coffee pot, weapon locker, wash barrel, benches to smoke or play the guitar and harmonica, beer crate, whiskey crate, a fire pit area with working grill, canoe, an outhouse, and a apple pantry by the hitching post for your trusty steed. Pick up an apple and feed it to them. All interactive. There is also a safe to store your money in but you must buy the property to enjoy such a luxury as a private bank.

Around the property there are features such as an archery target area and off in the woods is a hunting stand that has the perfect view of the animals. Bag a buck and take it home to cook on your grill. What a life! Be careful though, there are many of grizzlies in the area. S.G.Remlin the III and Co sadly lost a few contractors due to them. Families of course were compensated. So, stay armed, have your whits about you and enjoy your stay!

Renting is for one night only and check out time is enforced stringently. Squatters are not welcome!

Extract the zip file then copy AuroraBasinCabin.asi and lml into your game’s root directory.

Script Hook RDR2


Sir Gremlin

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