Camp Girls V1.0

Camp Girls V1.0

Tastefully adds an intimacy mechanism for Arthur to enjoy the Van der Linde gang girls at three different camps. But, for a price.

The Van der Linde gang girls are among the finest in the game. Truly the belles of their era. They were strong, charismatic, embracing and all had stories of their own. Some more wild than others. At the end of the day though, they were all just trying to survive and make something of themselves. Being in the gang was merely survival. They did jobs because they had to (minus Sadie she embraced the outlaw life). Camp girls adds another sort of income for the belles.

Supported Camps:
Camp Overlook
Camp Clemen’s Point
Camp Shadybelle

Supported Girls:
Abigail (fully nude)
Karen (bottomless)
Marybeth (fully nude)
Molly (fully nude)
Sadie (fully nude)
Tilly (fully nude)

Between 23 (11pm) and 3am when everyone is either off to bed or drank too much each camp girl that is supported will have a new prompt attached to them at the supported camps. Simply click the prompt and follow her. Don’t leave her hanging it’s rude and you’ll be out $26.

This does not apply if you are successfully using my Love Story mod. All you would have to do is replace cs_princessisabeau.ymt in the lml\stream folder. No need to touch any metapeds.ymt!

Important: If you are using a mod that already has a metapeds.ymt in the \lml\replace\update_4 folder that is not my mod or are using any other mod that uses a metapeds.ymt then you must merge it if you want to keep both working properly. You can do so by opening your existing one in a text editor and then opening the downloaded one from CampGirls in a text editor. Search for “cs_princessisabeau” in your current one. Then open the downloaded file and search for “cs_princessisabeau” copy from to for “cs_princessisabeau” and paste that into your existing one replacing to for “cs_princessisabeau”. Click save and then you’re done. You can then forget about replacing the new with the old. You just merged it. If you don’t have a folder in lml\replace called update_4 or are not using a mod that has a metapeds.ymt you can disregard this. Just copy and paste the downloaded files into your game’s root directory. If you have my mod Love Story then just click overwrite.

Requires Scripthook v1 and LML (Lenny’s Mod Loader). Make sure you have installed both properly. Extract the zip file then copy CampGirls.asi and lml into your game’s root directory then run game as administrator.

Camp Girls, Love Story and Harlots should be 100% compatible with each other. I have all installed and have never ran into any conflicting issues. They are completely isolated from one another. You can enjoy all of them at the same time on different save files or pick and choose which ones you want.

This is Version 1.0.0 so there will most likely be bugs. I’m fighting quite hard with the game’s native AI and internal scripts to make this mod possible and native/seamless as can be. Way more than I had to do with my Love Story mod. I’ve tried to mitigate any conflicts with the prompt and native AI scenes. If you stumble across a scene when the prompt is available and the girl does not leave the scene then just run away until you get the “You’ve abandoned them message”. If this happens then please report the exact camp and scene. I cannot account for all different AI scenarios in supported camps with supported camp girls. That said, I and others have tested this out on a few different versions of the game and all seems relatively well. If you find bug please let me know and I’ll do my best to address it. Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

Known Issues that won’t/can’t be fixed:
– Player’s clothes may clip in the lower torso with camp girl’s legs during the scene.
– During the scene there is a small crack in camp girl’s texture from her neck bottom to her shoulder top. There is nothing I can do about that. Her necklace is there to cover it up a bit.
– Screwing with the time via various trainers like “Rampage” may give unpredictable results in the game’s native AI/scripts. If you manipulate time via this method and run across something weird, it’s most likely not my mod but the fact that your meddling with time is throwing the game’s native AI/scripts off. My mod has to work in the game’s confines.



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