Change Brawling Attributes

Change Brawling Attributes

Edit brawling styles to your liking to make fights more challenging or more easier to your liking.

pedbrawlingref.meta is one of the files that I discovered about a month ago while working on my brawling mods. This file allows you to change the possibility of how frequent that you or the NPCs going to block, combo, grapple etc. Thanks to BHmaster for showing me to how to install it correctly.


– Drop the “Change Brawling Attributes”  file inside the LML folder.
– If you ever want to edit the file just open it as NotePad.

These are the lines you’ll be looking for:
<KeepMovingWhilePathingDistance value=”4.000000″ />
<MaxDistanceMayAdjustPathEndPosition value=”1.500000″ />
<MeleeMovementMBR value=”1.000000″ />
<MeleeBlockingMovementMBR value=”1.000000″ />
<AttackRangeMax value=”3.000000″ />
<AttackConsecuitiveComboInfluence value=”1.000000″ />
<TauntProbability value=”0.900000″ />
<TauntProbabilityQueued value=”0.600000″ />
<ApproachRadius x=”1.550000″ y=”2.200000″ />
<AttackProbabilityToCombo x=”0.600000″ y=”0.850000″ />
<ProbabilityToBeDazed x=”0.300000″ y=”0.100000″ />
<BlockProbability x=”0.050000″ y=”0.350000″ />
<DodgeProbability x=”0.050000″ y=”0.350000″ />
<ParryProbability x=”0.050000″ y=”0.150000″ />
<CounterProbability x=”0.050000″ y=”0.350000″ />
<DisarmProbability x=”1.000000″ y=”1.000000″ />
<SeekModeScanTime x=”500.000000″ y=”3000.000000″ />
<AttackFrequencyWorstFighterInMs x=”500.000000″ y=”2000.000000″ />
<AttackFrequencyBestFighterInMs x=”100.000000″ y=”1500.000000″ />
<TauntFrequencyInMs x=”3000.000000″ y=”5000.000000″ />
<TauntFrequencyQueuedInMs x=”1000.000000″ y=”2500.000000″ />
<BlockLengthInMs x=”1500.000000″ y=”3500.000000″ />
<PlayTauntBeforeAttacking value=”false” />
<CanMeleeInWater value=”false” />
<IgnoreMeleeAvoidance value=”false” />
<AllowDefensiveLeadIn value=”false” />
<ApproachRadius x=”1.000000″ y=”2.500000″ />
<AttackProbability x=”0.350000″ y=”0.500000″ />
<ChokeProbability x=”0.400000″ y=”0.600000″ />
<CounterProbability x=”0.050000″ y=”0.350000″ />
<ChokeLengthInMs x=”2000.000000″ y=”5000.000000″ />
<StruggleStageLengthInMs x=”5000.000000″ y=”6000.000000″ />
<StruggleDurationInSec value=”2.500000″ />
<BreakoutFrequencyWorstFighterInMs value=”5000″ />
<BreakoutFrequencyBestFighterInMs value=”3000″ />
<CanGrappleAsAI value=”false” />


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