Collectables In Range (Dreamcatchers. Dinosaur Bones. Rock Carvings) V1.1.1

Collectables In Range (Dreamcatchers. Dinosaur Bones. Rock Carvings) V1.1.1

The collectable detector for those who doesn’t want to use google, but look for the collectables in a relatively honest way while exploring the beautiful world.

How it works. If player is close to some collectable, visual and audio feedback are applied.

The mod is very simple, yet customizable: you can toggle off the visual indicators if they don’t match your idea of immersion, leaving just the sound; or you can adjust the icon location / icon opacity, as well as the range at which each type of collectables are discovered.

No indicator will be displayed during:
– missions
– cinematic mode

This mod is able to conflict with the mods that use subtitles feature actively.

Developed & tested on RDR2 build version 1491.18
RDR2 Scripthook: v1.0.1491.17

Further maintenance of the mod is possible but not guaranteed.


Download the attached archive, extract .asi + .ini files into RDR2 root folder.

Requires: Script Hook RDR2



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