Horseshoe Overlook Forever V1.0.1

Horseshoe Overlook Forever V1.0.1

Chapter 2 save with minimal completion, all side missions unlocked, all horses unlocked in the stables, no random events triggered etc…

I unlocked all the side missions and gameplay content from chapter 3 and beyond with a script so you dont need to progress the story to do any of them. The only mission active is Mary Linton’s letter but if you install the script it will just disappear when you arrive in camp, essentially making this an infinite free roam save with everyone available in Horseshoe Overlook. No gang members have died yet so Hosea,Lenny,Kieran etc are still there, and Arthur is 100% healthy with no TB


Go to C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles\<random numbers> and put the save file SRDR30000 there.

Then move HorseshoeOverlook.asi to your game’s root folder if you want to disable Mary’s Letter(recommended)

Requires: scripthook



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