Lower Ammo Limit V1.3

Lower Ammo Limit

The mod lets you customize the maximum limit of ammo for arthur!

In the base game (with upgrades) arthur can carry 400 bullets per category, which lets say is a bit unrealistic. This mod caps all ammuniton types at 40 so that problem is gone now.

-all ammo is capped on 40
-shotgun ammo is capped at 20
-explosive and incendiary ammo isn’t touched
-everything is customizable in the .ini file

extract the archive and put ammo.asi, ammo.ini and scripthook rdr2 (not included with the mod) into the game folder.

I am on IB, so I have a lot of work to do and hardly any time to mod at all. I made this mod very hastly since I always wanted this feature in the game (there might be bugs with the .ini file, report if there are any). I have huge plans for future rdr2 mods and there MIGHT be a possibility to make modding a CAS project (a public service of sorts) and so if someone bothers to read this please answer what mod from me you would like to see. Now I will list the projects I have planned and which I think are doable with current modding possibilities.

-jobs mod (bartender, rancher, banker, gunsmith etc.)
-ability cards mod (ability cards from online, but rebalanced for singleplayer)
-camping extension mod (new options addded to camping like sharping knife or cleaning weapons)
-businesses mod (moonshiner business, trader business)

The visual ammo number in the weapon wheel doesn’t change. I’m sorry but currently it is impossible to change that.
When crafting split point ammo, the game doesn’t stop you from crafting more if you reach the limit. It also cannot be fixed

special thanks to modrdr forum admin LMS who explained how removing ammo from the player works:



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