This is a simple Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod which allows you to create your own Portals in the game. These portals will show up on the ground as a red marker. You will then be able to use them whenever you want to teleport to the other side of the portal.

● Install Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookRDR2
● Extract Portals.asi and Portals folder in to your game’s main folder (where RDR2.exe is located at)
● Done!

How to use:
If you want to create a new portal then you can do it in-game. Press CTRL + T to start the portal creation. Then you will be asked to press T to confirm the player’s current location as the position of the first portal and later the second portal. Each time you will need to set a title for the portal (or add space as a title to ignore it). Finally, you will have to set a name for the file in which the portal will be saved under the Portals folder.

Portals is a simple mod which allows users to create their own teleports similar to Rockstar’s. The major benefit of this script is that each teleport can be seen in the game world as a marker on the ground.


● kostas96b
● alloc8or for his contributions to the modding community and specifically for providing an up to date native database

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