Proning V1.0

Proning V1.0

Adds a prone mechanic to the game with proper inverse kinematics (IK)

Note: There are no turning animations currently implemented in this mod, but the animations do exist. So for the time being, the player will face the same direction as the camera at all times while moving. They may be added in a future update if possible.

– W to move forwards
– S to move backwards
– A to move left (if stationary)
– D to move right (if stationary)
– Hold Crouch for 1.5 seconds to enter prone
– Hold Sprint while moving forwards to crawl faster (uses stamina)
– Press Jump or Crouch to exit prone

Extract and move Proning.asi to your game directory

And no, you can’t use weapons while prone. Sorry.
And yes, you can hide from police while prone.

Requires: Script Hook RDR2



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