Scope and Reticle Upgrades V1.01

Scope and Reticle Upgrades V1.01

Toggle weapon scope on and off easily without visiting the Gunsmith, remove reticle white dot, and more.

Weapon Scope & Reticle Upgrades
A small utility mod that I found useful and immersive, which aims to improve some of the features related to weapon scope and reticle.

The mod offers 3 features, which can be all toggled according to your preferences (meaning you can turn off some of them if you don’t like them):

Toggling weapon scopes on/off without visiting the gunsmith by interacting with your horse.
Removing the white dot from weapon scope.
Removing the white dot from the normal reticle and leaving only the outline white circle.

– Copy WeaponScope.asi and WeaponScope.ini to the game main folder
– If you are interested in completely removing the weapon’s white dog reticle (and leaving only the outline circle) – install the lml mod as well.

Toggling scopes:
– You need to get to a state where your character holds the weapon in their left hand, while their right hand is free.
– That can be done by equipping a weapon, then while it’s equipped, selecing a pistol, then selecting your fists on the weapon wheel.
– After you done that, lock on your primary horse and the prompt will appear.
– Activate the prompt to toggle the scope on / off.

Removing white dot from reticle:
– Make sure you’ve installed the Reticle lml mod.
– In the game menu, go to display -> Reticle Dot Size -> select Small.
– Note that as a side effect, the white dot also disappears while in Dead Eye. Unfortunately there’s no fix for that at this point.



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