Simple High Stakes (plus Taxed Money) V1.0

Simple High Stakes

Your dreams about betting your life savings has come true! Now you can play your favorite mini game with higher stakes.

Did you ever wondered why every poker game is played with so small stakes? It was all mystery till stranger that you saved from his angry wife told you a secret sign for starting real deal. Now you know that you have to knock on table to let other people know that you are ready for high stakes…

This mod simply alter amount of money you can win or lose in minigames. I tested it with poker (and blackjack in Rhodes).
When you sit to table you should hear few tapping sounds meaning script recognized that minigame started.
Once you finish mini game mod check how much you earned/lost and multiply that amount. If you had not enough money for high stakes version when sitting to table then you will simply play with normal rates. After losing all money its best to stand up from table, let script finish and then sit again, not just use buyin option when sitting.

I consider this mod to be in beta. It should only trigger in minigames but pay attention to any other events that remove money from player in amounts thats required to start minigame (like 1$, 5$) as it might trigger this mod and remove your money on accident. So far i didnt had issues but i didnt test it enough yet. (donating to camp seems fine)

Known issues

If you get autosave popup after standing from table script may fail so trigger your autosave eailer or disable it.
Autosave made when standing from table dont save your money status, wait for next autosave or save manually after.

If mod dont work, stand up from table then sit again, if that not helping then save game and load it but this should be fixed in current version.


Download and install ScripthookRDR2 
Make sure you have an asi loader, it comes with Scripthook
Copy SimpleHighStakes.asi to the game’s main installation folder



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