The Bank Wagon Heist V1.1

The Bank Wagon Heist V1.1

In this mod you can prep and rob a Bank Stage, this simple heist comes with 3 preps and a finale. I’ve already learned a lot with making this mod so it is one step closer to making Life Of Crime the best it can be. 🙂 This mod should also be compatible with Life of Crime so you can play it with that.

drag & drop all of the files (besides the readme.txt) into the game directory(where the RDR2.exe is stored).


Prep 1 – Wagon Route –
In this prep, you’ll go to a camp where a couple of wagon drivers for the bank are hanging out, the main guy has the wagon route which you will intimidate him into giving it up, or kill him outright and take it lol your choice.

Prep 2 – Fake Driver’s & Wagon –
In this prep, you will help 2 drivers who had their wagon stolen into getting it back from a gang hideout. Bust into their place and take back the wagon that doesn’t belong to them, and then in return they’ll assist your totally legitimate business venture that is not in anyway shape or form illegal.

Prep 3 – Explosives –
In this prep, the Rhodes fence had gotten a shipment of dynamite that you could generously borrow from him. What a nice guy 🙂

Finale – The Bank Wagon Heist –
In the finale, have the fake drivers complete the route for the “Real” bank wagon (he’s totally not the real one) while you setup the explosive to give them a nice surprise and make out with the goodies.

If there are any problems let me know in the posts section as i want to know what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right. Feedback would be extremely helpful for me.

If there’s any videos you make on the mod then request to post them on the mod page so me and others can see it 🙂

And you can contact me on my discord server for help on the mod here –

I know that this is not Life of Crime and that mod is very potential, and trust me I have good ideas for it but I need to work on my skill so I may make it happen, so patience and understanding would be very appreciated. I’m tryin to get through this and I know I can make that mod amazing and it will happen. But one step at a time.



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