This mod change the model of the amazing mod from westerngamer ( RDR2 CAR MOD) for a brand new hornet 52 witch is a think so biautifull.

Step number 1:
Install the RDR2 CAR MOD

Step number 2:

Check that the mode works correctly without installing my mod.

Step number 3:

Copy and paste all the files present in my mod and replace the originals files from the car mod from WesternGamer1

For those who do not want to have the sound modified, do not modify the files present in the RDR2carscript folder

I modified the sound file because personally I play on the bench and the inputs don’t work, it doesn’t allow you to hear the acceleration.

As a reminder, this mod only modifies the appearance of the model, everything else concerns the mod made by westerngamer.

If you have any problems with the appearance or operation of the vehicle, please contact the creator westerngamer of the original mod directly.

During the game, press the f12 key to make the car appear.

Obviously other car colors and models don’t work.

Have fun and thanks again to all the creators who made this possible

nota:* this mod will be updated after next update from westerngamer for :

size car
the position for the wheels,
the main character position
and lights.



Download mod

File File size
rar hornet 52 car mod-1-0 41 MB
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