Sexy HUD for more immersion V1.2

Sexy HUD for more immersion V1.2

This mod will make your game’s interface cleaner and more immersive by reducing the things that appear on screen while allowing only important stuff to show up when needed.

+ Features:

1- The pause menu is now cleaner and kinda similar to RDR1. The clock was also removed so you must take your clock out of your pocket and look.
2- Removing the online button from the main menu.
3- Removing the annoying time, location, and honor meter whenever you click alt / down pad to see the radar. (The location pop up will still show up when you visit places as usual, but Never in the radar menu).
4- Now your status icons for health/stamina/deadeye will only appear on screen when needed, for example the health bar will only show up when you eat, drink, gain or take damage. Same with stamina and deadeye, they will only show up when you use them.

– Turn off HUD with alt + V
– Set Cash $ UI to off in the menu

Inspired by a nice mod called UI STYLE made by this sexy individual wickedhorseman <3 Installation:
Just drag and drop all files into your stream folder inside lml and enjoy.
(there’s no difference between this and the previous version, I just included unrelated files in the old one).



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