1850 Pepper-Box Revolver V1.1

1850 Pepper-Box Revolver V1.1

This mod adds an 1850 Pepper-Box Revolver to the game.

The Pepper-Box Revolver is a multiple-barrel firearm, mostly in the form of a handgun, that has three or more gun barrels in a revolving mechanism. Each barrel holds a single shot, and the shooter can quickly shoot each barrel individually in a double action mechanism. No longer do you have to fear for your safety in the dangerous frontier.

• An accurate intricate model of a British 1850 Pepper-Box Revolver
• Brand new weapon stats for fresh gameplay
• Double-Action Revolver weapon replacer
• Completely new compendium page
• Pristine detailed catalog page
• Lore friendly weapon icon
• Duel wield capability
• Accessible to NPC’s

RDR2 Scripthook
Lenny’s Mod Loader


Jack Swede – Teaching me weapon modding & making the texture files
Visolarity – Writing the script for auto cocking
Panrichi – Making the 3D model & textures
Andre - Helping with weapons.ymt
Wickedhorseman – Helping with reload animations

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File File size
rar Pepper-Box Revolver-1-10 51 MB
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